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Action Groups & Committees

Steering Committee

Overall stewardship of the organization

Smart Growth

Promote responsible property ownership and retention of current owner-occupied homes, and facilitate the re-conversion of homes zoned single family back to owner-occupied residences or responsible landlord ownership.


Maintain high quality of life in the neighbor-hood by working with residents, property owners, and city government to encourage standards of upkeep and behavior that are respectful of the neighborhood. This group promotes two neighborhood cleanups that coincide with the University of Illinois Dad's Day and Mom's Weekend.

Welcome Flyer (pdf)

Brochure welcoming people to the neighborhood. It has information about parking, garbage, recyling, noise, property upkeep and occupancy limits. It is also useful as a reminder to current residents about existing ordinances.

Public Awareness

Promote positive relationships among all residents and property owners in the neighborhood, city staff, and the larger community. The Public Awareness Action Group meets once a year or as the need arises. This group organizes the "Sunday Afternoon in Carle Park" neighborhood event in mid September. They were instrumental in fundraising for and procuring signs for the Historic West Urbana Street Sign Project.

University-Neighborhood-City Coalition

Provide a forum for addressing issues of interest to WUNA, UIUC and the City of Urbana. Issues of interest to WUNA (pdf)

Web Coordination

Develop and maintain WUNA's Web site.

Action groups and committees meet twice a year or as the need arises.

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